The Best Diet Plan

Diet plans are a dime a dozen, and that’s why choosing a good weightloss diet program can get really confusing for the average person. Because obesity has become such a huge problem in America, and is a growing problem in the world, maintaining a healthy diet is more important than ever. In fact, it’s a life and death struggle for many people.

Trying to answer the question of what diet plan works best is difficult because everybody has different needs and lifestyles. There really isn’t a “one size fits all” diet plan that works great for everybody. We each have our own unique metabolism that responds to whatever foods we eat and to other things like stress, illness and mental health.

Here are some common questions people have about dieting:

What is the healthiest dietc

This is a tricky one. Most diets floating around on the internet and in popular books and magazines will claim that they can work miracles for you if you cut out all the bad junk food. So, to start, you’ve got to cut way down on consuming snack chips and fried foods, or even cut them out of your diet completely.

Now things get complicated, because there’s conflicting ideas about what combination of foods should be eaten to lose weight and still remain healthy. Determining what type of diets are good for the body should be based on whether or not the plan included proper nutrition that allows you to get through your day feeling good.

This should rule out starvation diets that may cause you to lose some quick water weight, but will make you feel drained, irritable and listless.

What is a balanced diet for weight lossc

Ideally, a balanced diet shouldn’t deprive your body of any essential proteins and nutrients it needs to function at its best during the duration you are on the program.

According to the USDA, a person should eat something from the following food groups for optimal nutrition:

* Bread, cereal, rice and pasta
* Vegetables
* Fruits
* Milk, yogurt and cheese
* Meat, fish, poultry, beans, eggs and nuts

A good weight loss diet will show you how to combine foods from these groups in a healthy way for optimal fat burning results.

I have a bad diet, what should I doc

First of all, you’re going to have to make a serious commitment to getting yourself back on track. Part of that is mental. You need to change the way you think about yourself and figure out why you eat the way you do.

Why are you eating that bag of potato chips after you’ve just had a big dinnerc

Why are you eating a huge slab of chocolate cake at midnightc

Why are you ordering two double cheeseburgers, extra fries and a large soda at your favorite fast food place on a regular basisc

Why are these foods so comforting to youc

Can you change the way you think about these foodsc

Answer these questions first. Then you can focus on replacing foods that are causing you to be overweight with healthier choices.

What happens if I don’t get enough fat in my dietc

This is a good question. Many fad diets will advise you to cut out all foods containing fat on the notion that you will lose pounds rapidly. The cabbage soup diet, fast weight loss plan, is a good example of this. If you eat cabbage soup for a week, you will probably lose some weight, but at what pricec

Your body will go into “starvation mode” and save every single calorie you consume to keep you alive (slowing down your metabolism). Also, you may experience headaches, moodiness and be very tired from not getting enough protein. These kinds of diets are quick fixes and you will gain the weight back rapidly. Not worth it, if you ask me.

So, what diets really workc

The only diets that genuinely work are ones that include proper nutrition, and are proven to be safe and effective in helping you to keep the weight off for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best diet plan for a teenage girl?
    I’m very overweight but I seriousley want to do something about it. What is the best plan for a teenage girl to follow? One that works quickly and efficiently.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to they will help you set up a diet personalized to you. And best of all, it’s free! They also have message boards so you can talk to other dieters for tips and motivation. Good luck!

    Best diet plan that you guys ever been on that actually worked?
    I went to the doctor and basically he told me that i have to lose weight. my goal is 50 pounds. It is so confusing what to do because i keep hearing about these different diet plans. What is the best plan to follow? and how much weight did you lose?

    thanks so much for the Help!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Weight Watchers is the best in the long run. It teaches you how to eat every day food, recipes that are good tasting and low cal, and a great support system.
      Losing weight is the “easy” part. Its keeping it off, by changing your eating habits, not just modifying them long enough to lose weight.
      Good luck!

    What is the best diet plan for loosing weight by 60 minutes of walking for 6 days in a week?
    I am 33 years old. My weight is 72 kgs and my ht. is 5 feets. I would like to loose atleast 20 kgs of weight. Please suggest me a diet plan best for me. I am doing 60 minutes of walking 6 days in a week.
    I am suffering from little high sugar level and hypertension and taking medication for the same.

    Please suggest.

    • ANSWER:
      Eat only when hungry and not more than thrice a day. Include plenty of uncooked vegetables and fruits in each meal, preferably 50%. To have more satisfaction out of ur food, Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This will also activate ur body to generate signals of hunger/fullness. Obey these signals.

      Nothing other than water in between.

      Take light exercises and brisk walks for 30 min.regularly preferably twice a day.

      U will achieve what u have not even dreamt and that too in a reasonable time and hassle free.

      Be patient and not in a hurry.

      U cannot choose spots for reduction.

      This schedule can be adopted on permanent basis to lead a healthy life and maintain weight.

    What is the best diet plan for a Mesomorph body type if i want to get maximum muscle gaining results?
    My body type is Mesomorph and i want mass muscle gains. What is the best diet plan?

    • ANSWER:
      Easy and natural diet plan is following:
      Eat your biggest meal one hour after training, eat another meal one hour after the previous meal, All other meals are smaller with less carbs.
      But also careful any disease read and keep knowledge about this.

    What is the best diet plan for a college student with a limited budget for food?
    I was looking into the okinawa diet, the warrior diet, v-diet ect. I am a college student and i can cook my own meals but i have a budget of about 30 dollars a week for food. Can anyone reccommend the best diet plan for this, and also give some examples of what to buy at the grocery store? also just fyi, im 6’5″ 230 pounds with about 12 percent body fat and work out 6 days a week on average an hour a day.

    • ANSWER:
      12% body fat would put you in the category of very lean athlete with no need for weight loss. I would suggest you stick to whole foods as much as possible. I’ve been doing Atkins low carb way of eating for the past 6 years, I am disabled with limited funds and eat a lot of chicken, turkey & eggs.

      Walmart (and most grocery stores) usually have 10# chicken leg quarters for ($.40#) I make lots of soup (bone stock) or chicken pizza cacciatore, sugar free pasta sauce (or alfredo sauce) pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella over steamed cabbage. I usually get a 20# turkey for .68# – I love love love my rotisserie and make turkey every couple of months. Turkey soup, turkey salad, turkey tetrazinni over cabbage. I buy the cheapest pork # add it to green mexican sauce with fruit add greens & ground flax seed.

      I buy lots of canned greens, collard, mustard, turnip – for high nutritional value and lots of fresh cabbage some frozen broccolli. I usually buy store brand processed cheese (twice the cheese for half price) – Bacon ends & pieces in 4# package – ground flax seed (lots) – canned tuna & mackerel – Buy mayo in the gallon container (about half price as equal amount smaller containers)

      Ground flax seed (2-3 Tbsp) 1/4 cup of water, cinnamon, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg – let sit 10 min to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle and nuke for 1.5 min. for hot cereal or 2 min. for more of a muffin type thing. Great low carb, high fiber treat.

      Chia seeds sound so expensive but 1# will make 10# food (when you can splurge some – has couple lbs. for shipped to you.

      I also order off Amazon – Lowrey’s Pork Rinds 18 for – they pop like popcorn and are portion controlled.

      Faux tapioca – 2 cups of water, 5 scoops of low carb whey protein powder, stir together & add cup of chia seeds, after they have started to absorb the water, add in 2 cans of coconut milk & artificial sweetener if you like and mix it all in. Can be eaten after an hour but will be better tomorrow. Cream a pkg. of cream cheese into a can of pumpkin and add to the faux tapioca for an even more nutritious pumpkin pie pudding

      If I only had a few bucks and nothing to work with at home (no basics) I’d buy cheapest per pound of rice, dried beans, bag potatoes, pasta, tomato paste, salt & 10# chicken leg quarters. (you could render chicken fat and use on potatoes instead of buying butter or margarine and use in cooking instead of buying oil) You should be able to get all that for about + Usually (not always) you can get twice as much for very little more money. Consider quantity for $ versus cheapest unit price.

      I try not to buy anything over .50 a pound when I’m watching pennies. Most stores sell 10# of chicken leg quarters for – (less than .50#) and well worth it for the bones alone. Do not waste the bones & fat, render the fat & use for cooking, chop up fat chunks left over after rendering and add to soups & sauces with some of the meat. Don’t eat the meat alone, add it to sauces and soups to stretch it. You can use the bones 3-4x to make bone stock (add vinegar and simmer a couple of days) Do not include meat in the long simmering. I add my old bones to my new bones and store in freezer. Use the stock to make soups and add to everything for more nutrition. Eggs are sometimes cheap. Buy lots if they are less than dozen (wash egg shells with vinegar and add to bone stock for more calcium) Store brand processed cheese is usually half cost of hard cheese

      Fresh cabbage is about the cheapest most versatile veg. Carrots are usually cheap and nutritious also. Canned collard, turnip and mustard greens are all highly nutritious and fairly cheap & can be added to soups & sauces for added nutrition. Canned tomatoes, watch the per ounce prices, don’t just grab. You would probably be better off just using tomato paste and adding water or bone stock. A little tomato paste will make a lot of tomato sauce or you could make catsup with it. Sometimes you can get huge gallons of pickles fairly cheap (couple bucks) Make sure you have apple cider vinegar on hand.

    What is the best diet plan and exercises to get toned in 3 months?
    I am going away in 3 months and would like to toned up a bit.

    What are the best exercises for these:
    -Bigger biceps
    -Toned stomach

    Also, what diet plan should i follow?

    • ANSWER:
      There is an excellent fitness program called p90x. You basically burn fat and build lean muscle while following an exercise routine that varies every day of the week. Because of this, your body goes through muscle confusion (stops you from doing the same exercise every day, which after a while your body gets used to and stops burning as much fat). This is a program which you follow for 90 days and you see significant results.

      More information can be found at the p90x website.

    What is the best diet plan for a 22 yr old woman?
    Hello all. I currently weigh 176 lbs and would like to loose 30 lbs. I REALLY dislike salad but I love all kinds of cooked vegetables. What is the best diet plan for me?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! Diet is not all about salads, I hate them too, believe me.

      Diets have come and gone and a new one will be invented tomorrow promising you everything and delivering very little. That is because they are considered something you go on and then go off. In other words, they are temporary. That is not to say they are useless just that they will never give you continued success unless you change some things permanently.

      What is a Diet Good for?

      Diets have their place in your weight loss goals. First of all, they can be beneficial to jump starting your metabolism. Kind of a fire starter if you will. A jump-start will give you more energy and the initial weight loss can boost your self-confidence.

      However, you will need to be ready to make some whole life changes if you want the results to be permanent. What are some changes you will need to make? Well a lot of that depends on you.

      Lifestyle Changes- Fast Food

      Are you a fast food junkie who eats out at least a couple of times per week? If so, you will find that you have plenty of company. Many people are so busy that the drive through is a perfect solution for dinner, lunch and even breakfast. The problem is many have no idea that one meal from a fast food restaurant can contain nearly a whole day’s caloric intake.

      One popular fast food joint has a burger that is 750 calories! The burger alone is a third of your recommended daily allowance; add the fries and a drink and you are done for the day.

      Does this mean you can never have fast food again? Not necessarily, but it will mean that you have to be aware of what you are eating. Most fast food places have a website that contains all the nutritional information for the foods they serve. Check them out then make you a list of “safe” fast foods.

      Exercise Changes

      If you never move your body more than from the house to the car to work and back you will have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. The human body functions best when there are periods of exercise. It increases mood stabilizers in the blood stream and best of all burns calories.

      While you are on your diet, take the time to incorporate exercise into your life. You will feel better and increase your weight loss rates exponentially. Start with a walk, park further away from the store or your office. Then as you progress, find time to walk more or jog. Whatever you can comfortably fit in your schedule will be a great place to start.

      Healthy Eating

      This is absolutely the most important part of all. While you are on your chosen diet, you will want to become familiar with healthier food choices. Find ways to make your favorite foods better for you. Can you substitute ground turkey for ground beef in some recipes? Learn new recipes that include fresh fruits and vegetables.

      You see your body needs several things to function at a healthy level. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals just to name a few. You also need certain fats to cushion joints and protect your vital organs. Create a lifestyle eating plan that brings all of these elements into play and you will feel amazing and best of all you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

      Check my source, it might help. Good luck!

    What would be the best diet plan out of the following?
    Medifast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, or any others i didnt think of? which one taste best and works the best?
    I want a diet plan that will give me the food i need to eat and i will also do some walking, speed walking, jogging and running.

    • ANSWER:
      I have tried them all and the best is Weight Watchers, where you eat real food. Medifast you lose weight fast but you don’t keep it off, Nutrisystem all canned food, you add the fresh vegs, and fruit. Check out Weight Watchers.

    what is the best diet plan for a college student?
    I need to loose about 40 lb by summer, and I was just wondering what would be the best diet plan for me?
    I was thinking of signing up for Weight Watchers online but can I really get results fast enough?

    • ANSWER:
      Diets depends on the person but the best way to start is to drop calories. exercising is also a HUGE help so do it.

    What is the best diet plan for a 16 year old who is 200 lb.?
    This is my best friend and I love her like a sister. But every time I turn around she is always telling me how fat she is. Saying that she doesn’t care what others think of her so she doesn’t want to lose weight. It is always something about how she wants to lose weight then says I don’t care anymore. I mean I don’t know what to do to get her to be happy with herself. What is the best diet plan for her to have without starving herself. I mean healthy foods that doesn’t seem too hard to follow. I need help!!!! She is willing to lose weight and she just needs determination. She has a hard time finding clothes in this state and she wears a size 20W but can’t find her length she is short say about 5 2″.Now she is tired of looking for clothes and she wants to do something about her weight. Please be praying to God for her I will also do the same.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, I am 24 and I only weight like 150lbs…..

      I suggest running, a friend of mine was about 400lbs @ age 27 or so. He ran for 3 months straight 1 hour a day and lost the weight FAST. I didn’t talk to him for 2 months and I ran into him one day. I didn’t even know it was him!….

      He was using a treadmill on his lunch at work, but, at 16 I would just run around the block.

      To lose that type of weight she is going to have to put fourth effort, unfortunatly I have little faith in diets, but I also have no experience with diets.

      The only thing I’ve seen work, is work. Running is best for weight loss.

    What is the best diet plan out there for women?
    Your opinion wat is the best diet plan out there for a women trying too loose weight.

    • ANSWER:
      Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a unique and highly popular weight loss programme. Formerly known as weight loss 4 idiots, this diet has been used by tens of thousands of men and women all around the world, from the United States through Europe to the Far East. Many people have reported excellent results with this diet and the success rate is estimated to be over 95%.

      One of the key questions you should ask yourself when it comes to picking out a diet plan which will work for you is whether or not you’ll be able to use it. Many diet plans are so difficult to pursue that people fail in them by the thousands. These diet set up ridiculous rules, either starving the people who use them or forcing them to eat strange foods which are so difficult an expensive to get that they can’t last at it for a long time.

      Is Fat Loss 4 Idiots so easy to use to be known as the Diet 4 Idiots?

      Fat Loss 4 Idiots gives you 2 things: A diet ebook and a menu generator software. The more important of the 2 is the menu generator. It works by asking you to select your favorite food and it give you an 11 day menu plan with 4 meals a day. It does so automatically. All you need to do is follow the menu plan and drink a lot of water each day. It’s as easy as that. Even an Idiot could do it. That’s why they call it Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Since all the meals are made out of regular food, it’s no problem cooking or buyingthem for yourself. Because you eat 4 meals a day you never starve and it’s easy to stick to for a long time.

      The diet works by cycling the calories you eat all the time (better known as the Shifting Calories Method). This keeps your metabolism high and has you burning up calories at a fast pace.

      You will need to stick to the menu for this to work as well as it should, but it’s very easy. It is indeed a diet 4 idiots.

      Check it out, it’s in my source…

    What is the best diet plan, and what should I put in it?
    What is the best diet plan, and what kind of foods should I eat for a presumable 5 small meals a day plan? Such as what kind of meats,veggies,fruits,dairies, and grains?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the guidelines my nutritionist gave me:

      Never eat a carbohydrate, protein, or fat alone. Include fruits and vegetables as carbohydrates.

      So if you’re going to eat an apple for example, eat some protein with it, like cheese.
      She actually recommends 6 meals a day. Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack. Your last snack should be 2 hours before bedtime.
      The sample meals she gave me were surprisingly large, and I lost a lot of weight. (30 pounds).
      Use low-fat proteins, NOT no-fat. You need some fat, or else your body won’t get rid of stored fat. So use 1% milk, 2% cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, etc.
      Use real butter and real mayo (not lowfat). But use them sparingly.

      Eat only whole grains when possible. Make sure it actually has the word “Whole.”

      Choose carbohydrates that are low or medium on the glycemic index. You can eat potatoes (red are the best) but not very often, because they are higher on the glycemic index. Examples of low glycemic are things like green beans, apples, blueberries, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower,etc. Basically most produce is going to be low glycemic.
      If you can tolerate nuts (some people are allergic), eat at least 4 or 5 each day. Walnuts and Almonds are the best.

      You can have skinless chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, and fish without worrying to see if it is “low fat.” If you can find low fat turkey, go ahead and choose that. But if you are going to have any kind of beef or pork, make sure it is extra lean. Soy is of course good as well.

      If you are eating a meal without grains, load up on vegetables and/or fruit. You can eat a lot when you do this. It will seem like you are eating quite a bit. Sometimes I wondered how I could lose weight eating that much, but the type of food was low in calories.

      Drink LOTS of water. That is one of the most important things you can do. Limit caffeine. Don’t drink colas.

      Try to choose good fats when possible (olive oil, canola oil).

      I have TONS of recipes that are very good and easy sample meals that follow these principles. If you would like, email me and I will send them to you in Word format.

    What is the best diet plan to follow for weight loss?
    I need to lose 20 pounds by summer and I need a easy diet plan to follow. I work 2 jobs and don’t have a lot of time to prep food. I’d like a diet plan that uses minimal processed foods and doesn’t take a long time to prepare. Has anyone found a diet plan that works for them? I will be incorporating some exercise as well, but I have a knee injury that prevents me from doing anything with much impact.

    • ANSWER:
      Look like your are very busy, but why not just Power walk 45 mins daily, but you have to walk faster, like jogging to burn FAT. And you can buy some apple, orange , can of tuna (in water), instant oatmeal (120 cal per bag), 2 boxes of eggs (hard boil), zero yogurt etc. they dont need too much time to prepare, you can hard boil 12 eggs for 2 -3 days, oatmeal, you just need add hot water for it. try to keep your cal within 1200-1400 cals, and power walk for 45 mins daily, you will lose 1 lb weekly or more. but you have to walk faster not shopping speed. 45 mins is about 5-6KM. Take care !

    What is the best diet plan to lose stomach fat?
    I’m just curious what’s a good diet/work out plan that gets rid of stomach fat and to keep it off too. But I also want to get rid of it in the right places, and keep it in other places. I mainly just want to get rid of my large belly. (my goal is to lose 5-6 inches in 4 months) Also I don’t have much money to afford any of these diet plans out there… Anything you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      Not many of us have the luxury of being able to afford a diet program these days, let alone the time for a strong work-out.

      Luckily for you, sit-ups don’t cost a penny! If you are crunched for time (no pun intended) I recommend doing sit-ups using your couch as a counter balance. (If you can find a work-out buddy, they will suffice as well)

      Your goal should be to do 100 sit-ups every night before bed. When you are first getting started try and do as many as you can. Moderation is key. Remember to breath as well: inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. No cheating either: keep those hands across your chest or behind your head! Add 30 minutes of cardio to this regiment and you should see your waist size decrease in a matter of months

      Drink plenty of water and stay away from any type of carbonated beverage! They will bloat you!

      As always, consult a physician before attempting any kind of strenuous work-out. Good luck!

    What is the best diet plan or way to lose weight quickly?
    I want a diet plan or excercise tips on how to lose weight fast. i really want to get fit by summer. I really dont want to have to go out annd buy anything like excercise video, or equipment.

    • ANSWER:
      Weight loss is an overall process. You need to think about many factors. There are many sensible things you can do that will make a tremendous difference over the long term if you need to lose weight. It can be done in a healthy way. This is what has worked for me.

      Keeping a food journal really does help. It will give you a much better sense of how much you are eating, and when, and why.

      Make a few additional small changes – walk everywhere, always use stairs instead of elevators, walk on escalators, get up and move around at least once an hour if your work or your life in general is sedentary, walk every day, use a pedometer. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a really good idea. Build up to a long brisk walk everyday, or most days. Be more active and watch less TV and spend less time on the computer. Buy one piece of exercise equipment to have at home and be strict with yourself about using it. Sometimes you can find mini-steppers or exercise bikes at second hand stores and thrift stores for just a few dollars.

      Start a weight lifting routine. Join a gym. Possibly you can find one that has someone who specializes in weight lifting programs for beginners. Weight lifting will increase your metabolism as well as improve posture and appearance overall. Even if you can’t get to the gym you can work out at home using things around the house. Invest in a good weight training book. The Dummies series actually has a good one.

      In terms of diet, cut out or reduce things like junk food, pop, fat, fast food. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish. Particularly if you choose a vegetarian lifestyle include natural peanut butter, hummus, dried fruit and nuts. Pay close attention to getting the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

      Make your portion sizes smaller. Use a smaller plate – in our society we have become accustomed to thinking that we need a large plate of food at every meal, and we don’t. About quarter of your plate of food should be protein and at least half of it should be veggies.

      Learn to count calories. At your current weight and activity level, you may possibly need about 2000 calories or more to maintain your current weight. So you will lose weight at a reasonable and healthy rate if you cut back to about 1600 or 1700 calories a day.

      Eat small amounts frequently, rather than three large meals. Never skip breakfast. Include some protein in your breakfast. It will help get you through the day.

      Drink plenty of water, at least 8 big glasses of water a day, and more if it is very hot, if you sweat a lot, or if you are exercising intensely, and eliminate fruit juices. Fruit juices have too many calories, so get your vitamins from fresh fruit, not the juice. You will begin to see changes in your body.

      An area that many people overlook is getting enough sleep. You are much more likely to overeat or to binge eat if you are tired and not well rested, so get enough sleep.

      Check out websites about nutrition, exercise, weight training, etc. Here are a few helpful links.

    What is the best diet plan to burn fat and build muscle?
    I’m currently about to go into Phase 2 of P90X, I’ve seen some increases in muscle mass, but not enough definition because of my body fat percentage. What is the proper diet plan for burning that fat and yet keeping my muscles growing? I’m looking for something like a daily calorie guide, protein guide, carbohydrates guide, etc. Should I also add more Cardio into my weekly workouts along with P90X?

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend keeping your calories high which will not only maintain current lean tissue but encourage new tissue growth. It will take a few weeks for your body to fully adjust to being fueled by fats for cardio workouts.

      You can lose more body fat eating protein & fat (don’t eat protein alone) than not eating AT ALL. To lose weight fast, eat all you want, but nothing but meat, eggs, healthy oils, mayo, butter & half an avocado a day (for added potassium). Keep the calories high & the fat percentage high, at least 65% of calories. Green vegetables & some cheese will continue weight loss but at a slower pace.

      The first 2 weeks eat several cups a day of (mostly) lettuce & celery, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, peppers & more variety of vegetables thereafter – add 5 grams per day additional every week (20 grams day first 2 weeks, 25grams 3rd week, 30grams 4th week etc) til you gain weight, then subtract 10grams. That will be your personal carb level (everyone is different & depends on how active you are.)

      Start with meat, fats & salads for 2 weeks and then slowly add in more green veg, wk4 fresh cheeses, wk5 nuts & seeds, wk6 berries, wk7 legumes, wk8 other fruits, wk9 starchy veg, wk10 whole grains. You will learn how your body reacts to different foods.

      The first week is just water weight but fat is lost thereafter if you keep your calories high enough. Otherwise the body will strip it’s own lean tissue for nutrition. Although that may look great on a scale it will make it MUCH easier to accumulate fat in the future (since all that pesky lean tissue burning up calories will be gone). The body won’t release fat stores if you lower calories below what it needs. It will slow metabolism to compensate & store every spare ounce as fat. If you continue lowering calories, it will continue lowering the set point, til it can survive off nothing & store fat on anything. The body will only release it’s fat stores if it knows there is plenty of nutritious food.

      Eating carbs while trying to lose body fat is terribly inefficient. When in glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) you have to lower your calories (which slows your metabolism) & exercise heavily to deplete your glycogen stores before burning body fat.

      The core of Atkins program is converting the body from glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) to ketosis (burning fat as fuel). Dietary fat levels need to be at >65% of total calories, if not, the body will still remain in glycolysis by converting 58% of excess protein into glucose (via gluconeogenesis).

      It takes minimum of 3 days to convert a body to ketosis, (but only one bite to convert back to glycolysis). People feel sluggish the first week but most feel better than ever thereafter.

      Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) trigger insulin which can store the calories eaten into fat. The more protein the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released. The more carbohydrate the more the fat storage hormone insulin is released.

      Simple carbs are addictive & can be disastrous to health. The best way to break the addiction is NO carbs for 3 days. Make a huge batch of deviled eggs, eat one every time you want “something” – have huge omelets with bacon, sausage, peppers, mushrooms & cheese. Pork chops smothered with peppers, mushrooms & cheese – pork rinds & dip or tuna/chicken/turkey/egg salad – steaks – a huge sugar free cheese cake. Eat so much you won’t feel deprived of anything. By the 4th day, the addiction will be gone & you can start making healthy choices.

      High insulin levels promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger & unbalance other hormones. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones & allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean muscle will be gained even without exercise. Any exercise will greatly increase muscle mass with high HGH levels.

      Ground flax seed (2 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg – let sit 10 min. to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle & nuke 2 minutes. Suggested for daily fiber needs.

      As long as you have <9grams carbs per hour, you will maintain insulin control & shouldn't gain weight, no matter the calories because insulin, the fat storage hormone is not activated. Many people gain weight on high carb, do low carb to lose weight & then are shocked when they return to high carb & gain weight. Many people can return to moderate carb levels but very few can really eat all they want of sugar & maintain weight or health.

    What would be the best diet plan for a girl of a younger age?
    I would like to lose a some pounds, and stay in shape. Since spring just started I will be excising a couple times a week, but I need a diet plan. Currently, I am eating whatever I get my eyes on. I am 117lbs, and 5″4′, and I am slowly gaining weight. What is a diet I can use, or what can I change my diet to, without getting sick from malnutrition, from being a teenage girl. I would really appreciate an organized, well working diet. Please and thank-you.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, the ‘safest’ bet here is to first, examine your eating habits. Could you take the turkey and lettuce sandwich at lunch rather than the pizza? Maybe take a low-fat vanaigrette dressing with your greens instead of fatty ranch. Cut out the soda or replace it with diet options or flavor water. Eating healthy should get your body functioning at its best. Better skin,sleep and so many other benefits come from a healthy diet.

      For losing weight if you eat healthy- First, calculate your BMR. Eat that amount of calories every day. BMR calculators can be found from a google search.

      Exercise in the spring is easier. Join track! Track, softball or swimming will help you out big time.

      I really don’t think you need to lose weight, but it is your choice.

    What is the best diet plan to lose 3 stones in 3-4 weeks?
    I am not very good at guessing calories so maybe a diet plan that give you an eating time table. Anyone help please, trying to lose excess weight after pregnancy. Baby is now 6 months.

    • ANSWER:
      3 stones in 3-4 weeks. That would be a stone per week. Unless you cut off your limbs, you are not going to make it. Even starving won’t have you lose that much weight in such a short time.

      I don’t get why people put up these impossible deadlines for themselves, which they NEVER get. 3 years from now you’ll still be trying to lose the same amount of weight ‘quickly’. Quickly equals failure for most people.

      So get real with yourself and set long term goals. You didn’t do anything about this 6 months after giving birth. What makes you think you can suddenly lose it in one month?

      Start exercising again. Slowly, to build up stamina. Start eating more healthily. No more evening snacks, no more canned food. Cook meals for yourself with plenty of veggies and protein (chicken, fish and eggs). Train with weights. You’ll tone up. Maybe get a personal trainer who sets up a routine for you. If you only let him/her check up on you once a month, it won’t cost that much. It’s also a good motivator because you have someone checking your progress.

      Hope this helps. And for the sake of your child, don’t be stupid. It needs a healthy mom.

    What is the best diet plan you have followed?
    I need a diet plan to kick start a weight loss diet and exercise programme. I plan to follow a diet plan then return to healthy eating when I have lost some weight. I was wondering about slim fast but are there any better suggestions?


    • ANSWER:
      well i have to say cut done on carbohydrates(pasta’spuds rice’bread) and alcohol if you drink.My husdand was diagnoised with diabetes and his nurse advised on the above to help control his sugar level and to help control weight.So i tried it and lost a stone in weight with no extra excerise and have the above foods in moderation.Hope this is some use.

    What is the best diet plan on the internet?
    I’m a 38 year old woman that exercises pretty regularly, but have such a hard time losing weight…anyone know of a great diet plan on the internet I could try?

    • ANSWER:
      The *BEST* advice I can give you as I’ve had issues with my own weight for many years is not to try out any type of fad diet…they just don’t work for the long-term and can seriously hurt you in the end.

      If you’d like to check out a diet that helped me and people just like you all over the ‘net, please try out (Fat Loss 4 Idiots). Please don’t let the program’s name scare you lol because it really does work!

      Do yourself a favor and try it out! Change your life for the better like I and so many others did before you…good luck and I hope you the very best!

    What’s the best Diet Plan for a Summer body?
    I am 5’7 and 125 pounds but I am very uncomfortable with my stomach and lower back area. Any ideas on the best Diet Plan before Summer break? Help!

    • ANSWER:
      You are not overweight, I suggest joining a gym and toning for summer

    What is the best diet plan to do and stick with?
    I need help i wnt to try to lose 20-30 pounds by summer.. If someone can help me with a good diet plan that is good and can stick to… Help

    • ANSWER:
      Forget diets, you need a change of lifestyle. Start out by cutting out 200-300 calories a day. This should be easy. If you drink soda’s, stop, drink water. Water is vital. Any candy or other refined sugars (junk food) cut them out. Exercise, even if it only means walking 15-30 minutes a night.
      You go on some atkins diet or other trendy diet to lose weight, and guess what happens the moment you stop that diet? You put the weight right back on and you screw up your metabolism. Waste of time.
      For what it’s worth, I lost 50 lbs doing what I did above. And I still get to enjoy some of the unhealthy pleasures I so love just by keeping up with what I eat, eating in moderation and getting a little exercise.
      You want to lose 1-3 lbs a week. Any more is unhealthy.
      One last note, don’t watch the scales too closely. If you work out, you will build muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Goodluck.

    Whats the best diet plan at home to drop 25 to 30 pounds?
    I need to know what is the best and fastest diet plan to drop the weight for wrestling my coach put me on a rice and orange and water diet but its not workeing give me ideas i dont want to perg??????

    • ANSWER:
      go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
      after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
      your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If
      you don’t eat wheat then you don’t eat all those sticky, fatty goey
      cakes, you don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat biscuits. But your
      diet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have to
      calculate points or to buy special meals or plans.

    What is the best diet plan for my weight loss?
    Hey everyone,
    So i’m a 17 year old girl, 5’0″, 109 lbs. I’m a competitive athlete participating in running, boxing, pilates, and soccer. i’m in the gym nearly every day and am constantly active. I need a diet plan that will optimize my energy but also help me burn fat. Any tips? Past experiences?
    P.s. i dont eat any dairy or meat except for fish and eggs.
    Thanks a lot :)

    • ANSWER:
      If you really do all of those activities and you are at that weight, chances are it is mostly muscle weight. If you are truly serious about losing 5 – 10 pounds, which is what I would assume, try substituting what you eat for breakfast with fruit. I’m not talking about 1 banana or 1 apple, I’m talking eat as much fruit as you can to comfortably fill your belly up. When I started my raw vegan diet, that is the first thing I did to transition into the diet. I did that for a couple of weeks and lost weight with that only change! Then I proceeded to substitute my lunch with a huge veggie salad topped with raw dressings or a green smoothie. And so on… Thing is, most people think to lose weight, you need to starve yourself. Actually, it’s the other way around – eat until you are full but fill up on raw, fresh plant-based food!

    What’s the best diet plan to lose 30lbs between 2-6months?
    Okay, I need to lose my baby fat of 30lbs. Do you have any good diet plan that can help? I’m not in the rush or anything, but just need a healthy diet plan because I know I cannot starve myself.

    • ANSWER:
      This is what I do to lose weight effectively, SAFELY and stay perfectly heathy.

      Run about 4-5 miles everyday :)
      Make sure you have the right shoes. Spikes or Reebok RunTone running shoes should help (:
      I got mine a month ago and since I had them, I’ve been running 5 miles everyday and so far these are my results:
      - Lost about 10 pounds of fat. (I can practically see my abs)
      - I feel stronger
      - I’m a lot less tired in the morning.
      - I love my muscled legs right now. Well, they we’re already muscled since I’m naturally really big-boned but now they’re more muscled. So, running helps alot :)

      - Gained 13 pounds of muscle (This is different for everyone depending on the type of body you have. I’m really big-boned, I have a body that’s 72% muscle and I’m a mesomorph and a endomorph)

      Also, you can eat almost anything as long as it’s not too fattening.
      I eat a huge bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the morning and about 2 hours before I go to sleep.
      During the day I just eat a regular meal. Then go jogging for 30 minutes.

      Also try eating every three hours. When you learn to eat every 3 hours, you’ll gain control over your blood sugar, which will help you put control of your appetite. When you control your appetite, you control your weight. When you control your weight, you’ll feel so much more energized and confident. Your self-esteem will go through the roof. You’ll enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror and appreciating all the hard work you’ve done. You’ll feel so good about yourself so healthy and fit, that nothing will stand in your way.

      This is my diet:

      Meal 1 @ 8 am : Breakfast (400 calories of balanced nutrients)
      Meal 2 @ 11 pm: Snack (100 calories)
      Meal 3 @ 2 pm: Lunch (400 calories of balanced nutrients)
      Meal 4 @ 5 pm: Snack (100 calories)
      Meal 5 @ 8 pm: Dinner (400 calories of balanced nutrients)
      Meal 6 @ 9 pm: Treat (60 calories)

      Eat a BUNCH of vegetables and fruits, avoid all cokes, caffeine’s, smoking, alcohol etc. AVOID “JUNK FOOD” and “Fast Food” as this type of food is very unhealthy, lacking in vitamins really and has plenty of fattening molecules which make one gain weight and is very bad for overall health.

      If you do this every day for one month, you should lose around 10 pounds per month until you get to your natural healthy weight. Look up on the net for an idea of what your weight for your height should be. When you get to this weight, your body will look very nice and you’ll feel very good.

      Extra Tip: Try drinking at least a glass of Green Tea everyday. It’s filled with antioxidants which helps use energy faster and burn calories twice as fast.
      Many tests have been conducted on the effects of green tea on weight loss and it has been found that individuals that consume this beverage on a regular basis are able to successfully drop body fat.

      The reason that this beverage assists in weight loss is because of the fact that it assists in increasing the metabolism in the body.

      Believe it or not, this is all coming from a FULLY-OVER DEVELOPED, 120 pounds, 12 year old.
      I know all this thanks to Jorge Cruise. Today he’s recognized as America’s #1 weight-loss expert because he makes weight loss easy. He’s been featured on VH1, THE TYRA BANKS SHOW, OPRAH AND CNN and is the exclusive diet coach for AOL.
      Here’s his website:

      Hope I helped :)
      Best of luck !

      - Emmaneeemm ;] ♥

    Best Diet Plan and workout regiment for results I seek?
    I lost 120lbs in a relatively short space of time (about 5 months). I have become too comfortable recently, and started eating regularly again and I cut back a lot on my exercising. I gained back about 25lbs in about 2.5 months. I do not plan to lose all of the 25lbs because I feel as though I got too small when I lost all the weight. I am looking to lose about 15lbs. The diet I used no longer seems to work for me. Can you please recommend a diet plan and workout regiment for me to get these results in about a month or less? Also, can you suggest something that I can take for energy? Thanking you in advance for great answers!

    • ANSWER:
      congratualtions! just eat right and exercise at least 30 minutes every day. your body will adjust to the weight it should be. walking is the best exercise, but any brisk movement will work. you should exercise differently than you did before because your body is used to the old way and won’t give up calories as easily. also you might try eating smaller meals several times a day (5-6) to boost your metabolism.

    what would be the best diet plan for me?
    I just want to know what would be the best diet plan for me? I’m 150 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches and 19 years old, most of my weight is in my stomach. So what would be a good diet for some one like me?

    • ANSWER:
      Well of course exercise but I have found that the Idiot Proof Diet works pretty well for friends of mine. Weight Watchers is good too…with diet and exercise you should be able to lose some of the weight.

    What Would Be the Best Diet Plan for Me?
    My name is Natalie. I am 13 years old (turning 14 in April) and I’m 5″5 weighing 142. Yes, I know — I weigh a lot. I checked my BMI for Children and Teens, and it said that I’m at “risk of being over-weight”.

    I am on my knees, asking for your help into finding a good, healthy schedule for me to follow every day so that I can lose weight. Now, my goal is to weigh 127 by December or January, so I can start off with a new hot body for the rest of my 8th grade year.

    Here are some pointers for you so you can come up with the best diet for me:

    I have a pretty big stomach. I’m not so sure if it’s all fat or baby fat. I look like I’m pregnant (I know I’m not, because I’m a virgin; but that’s how round my stomach is) and I want to be slim.

    My legs and arms are just fine. All I need tips on are just how to make my thighs smaller.

    Also, my waist is pretty big for my size; the best description I can give you is that I look like a pear.

    Please help me find a good, healthy diet!
    For the exercise part of the diet plan, my school has set up a program for all kids to have gym every single day (my classes last an hour each). So, I know for sure that I’ll be getting a good amount of exercise every day.

    My question to you is this: How can I lose my very big and round stomach? What can I do to make it look slim (or have a very small tummy). Please, I really want to have good confidence in myself and good self-esteem!
    And also, I want to have nice “girl” abs and have a little muscle in my arms, lift up my butt, etc.

    Whoever gives me the best, most detailed, and acceptable diet plan for me will recieve 10 points!

    • ANSWER:
      well, i set up a pyramid for you for a healthy eating diet, but this pyramid is based off of you doing some sort of excersize for atleast 1 hour a day so make sure you do that. You can walk, jog a little, jump rope a little, or anything…but make sure it is atleast 1 hour!!!! it would be much better if you did it for longer but please try atleast 1 hour!! here is the pyramid:

    What is the best diet plan you know?
    Im not talking about the South Beach Diet, i mean the lifestyle you live. If you have been eating really good food that work for you, tell me! What is you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. OH AND YOUR EXERCISE PLAN!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m a vegetarian working on going vegan. A vegan diet consists of no animal products – only fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, rice, etc. It’s simple, easy to follow, healthy, better for animals, and better for the environment. When I first went vegetarian 8 years ago I lost 30 pounds in about 3 months. I’ve lost about 10 as I’ve been transitioning to vegan and now I’m at my healthy weight. My skin is clear and I have more energy than ever. I don’t “work out” per se, but I do a lot of walking and stay active.

      A normal day would consist of meal similar to this:

      Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal with a cut up banana

      Soup & Salad

      Veggies and Rice

      If you go online and type in Vegan Recipes there are a million out there. They are surprisingly delicious and most are very easy. Another added benefit to a vegan diet is that it’s so much cheaper – especially when you buy all your fruits and veggies local and in season.

    What’s the best diet plan for a teenage fussy eator?
    I am 14 and Im really fussy I don’t it meat accept chicken I dont eat salad I don’t it fish and I only eat carrots broccoli sweetcorn peas potatoes ! please can someone give me a good diet plan !

    • ANSWER:
      fruit diet! Afterall, the human digestive tract resembles that of a frugivore!

    What is the best diet plan for weight reduction?
    Well, to be specific: I want a plan where I will not go hungry (if possible) avoids carbs and fat and gives me just the right amount of protein because I need protein for pumping iron. Please make the contents of the plan as common as possible, don’t include foods that are not available in some areas. Thanks. Detailed answers are much appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      I have a weight problem also. I found this site that has really good tips on losing weight and getting fit. I started following the get started tips last Monday and my first week I lost 7 pounds. I do not go hungry at all. Good luck to you!

    Whats the best diet plan for someone like me?
    I’m 5 ft 4 1/2, and I way 146 pounds. I’m still growing, but I DEFINATLY think I could stand to lose 15-25 pounds. I’ve gone on a couple different diets, And the high protien, high fiber, and low fat one worked the best so far. My friend told me about the Special K diet, also. Does it work? I exorcise very much every day. Do you have any good diet plans? Thanks!
    Oh, I have Anxiety/ panic disorder. I wasn’t sure if that mattered or not.

    • ANSWER:
      build muscle. it’ll take your extra fat.(fat that didn’t get burn)
      i don’t exactly remember how.

      drink lots of water, eat nuts and raisins to increase metabolism
      eat healthy.
      eat slowly, because it takes awhile for food to digest, so
      it takes awhile to be full after eating.

      eating slowly will allow you to know when you’re full to eat less.

      don’t sit in front of the tv while eating.
      pretty much pay attention only to your food when you eat
      also allow your body to tell you when you’re hungry, when it growls, eat.

      do aerobic exercises

      do 2 30min exercises then have a 20 min break you’ll lose more wight than not taking breaks at all
      play music that you enjoy, or music that makes you feel like dancing to you’ll exercise more/longer

      you can run in one place for 15 min per day or more.
      or run up and downstairs. or jog/run/walk around your block.

      then slowly increase the time, by 5 min per day.
      and if you’re gonna do sit-ups, cutches, pull=ups, etc. add 10 per day

      starving will get you skinnier but at the end of it when you eat normally again your body will be saving it,
      and you’ll gain weight faster
      like bears saving their food for the winter.

      also laughing for 10-15 minutes
      burns75 calories

      If you get cravings in afternoon, it means you’re not getting enough food in the day.
      Have and extra half apple, or an extra of something healthy for breakfast or have a snack before
      yur usual cravings start everyday.

      all these have been proven true

      here are some healthy recipies sites…………


      here’s some friut recipies………/fruits…….

      excercise webs.…,5768,s1-2-87-1-0-0,00.html—A-Smart-Way-To-Exercise&id=23565

      (FYI: if yu don’t have a dumbell use a bottle of water)Depends on how heavy you want to exercise with

      eating celeries burns alot of calories

      if you want recipies for it try going to:

      hope these help!!
      Really do! It took me 19 hours altogether
      to put this together.
      I went through all my magazines
      and look through the internet, for good sites
      ask families and friends, and thought what i did
      to put this together.
      And read newspaper.
      Also i’m a very slow typer.

    What is the best diet plan or solution to help me lose weight fast and effectively?
    I want a diet solution that can help me lose weight quickly and easily without having to go out of my way too much but is still effective.

    • ANSWER:
      go to you will find all you need there and it is available world wide. with full support.

    What is the best diet plan that you have tried before?
    I want to loose 45 pounds. I started working out last week and I want to know what else I need to do. I know portain control but I would like other ideas. I never had to diet before.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend the Cinch Inch Loss Plan. It’s all natural, healthy and easy to follow. It’s powered by leucine an essential amino acid that travels directly to muscle to signal protein synthesis. It helps your body preserve muscle mass while you lose weight and inches from fat.

      I was on the plan for three weeks and lost 10 lbs., 4 1/2 inches from my waistline and 2 1/4 inches from my hips.

      Hope this is helpful

    What is the best diet plan to stick to when trying to get a six pack?
    My diet is inconsistent and i have a very hard time keeping my sweet tooth cravings under control.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been where you are. Its tough to stick to diet/eating healthy. For me, I found that I do better when I am on a structured program. Unfortunately most of these you pay to join, its good and bad though, because when you pay for something you will stick to it because you don’t want to have wasted your money. Anyways, the diet I like is called Medifast. You’ve probably heard of it, its pretty popular. I have some of their coupons on my blog if you wanna check it out.

    What would be the best diet plan for me?
    I’m 5’6 and 156 lbs and my goal is 140 by May 25. I need suggestions on how to loose weight. I can stick to a strict exercise routine but I am not very strict with my diet. I can stay away from non-healthy food but I’m always hungry and all I ever want is ramen noodles and cereal (Special K, Natures Grain, Shredded Wheat).

    My normal routine:
    BREAKFAST: cereal, 2 cups coffee, lots of 2%milk
    LUNCH+DINNER: cereal or a package of ramen noodles
    SNACKS: grapes, bananas or toasted wheat bread w/ PB
    DRINKS: 1-3 cups of coffee 3-5x a week and lots of 2% milk. I hate water but I try to force myself to drink it.
    EXERCIZE: crunches, AbRoller, jump rope, exercise bike or run for 30 minutes at least 3x a week.

    What can I add or take out of my diet or exercize routine? What can I do that is effective enough for me to lose 16 lbs before May 25? I am open to an suggestions. Thank you very much!

    • ANSWER:
      This is the best fat loss eating plan. Period.

      Follow my diet below and you’ll lose 20 lbs a month.

      The first things you want to eliminate from what you eat are: sugar, fried foods, and white flour. You want to eat as natural and unprocessed food as possible.

      Sugar, anything with it is bad. From Coco-Crispies cereal, nearly all sodas, to a small bag a M&M’s. All turn into body fat fairly quickly.

      Fried foods. Chips, french fries, etc. All have very high levels of calories and fats. Cut out mayonaisse and butter while you’re at it.

      White flour. White breads, spahgetti, Ramen noodles, most cereals, tortillas (corn & flour).

      You’re going to want to eat 5-7 small meals/snacks in a day. That may seem like a lot of eating, but look at it this way: Your lost in the woods and you need to make a fire that will last all night. Will the fire last longer throwing all the wood you’ve collected into the fire once or twice during the night, or if you toss a couple of logs in once every 45 minutes-hour?

      Your body is pretty similar. You need to feed it a little bit every 2-3 hours to keep it burning fat. The longer you go in between meals, the more likely your body is going to store what you eat as fat. This is because your body doesn’t realize that there is food everywhere in the world we live in. It still thinks your a cave-man. And cave-men didn’t get to eat very often. Sometimes once every 3-5 days…starving. So our body is designed to store what we eat as fat, because fat has the most energy (calories) per pound. So, if you sleep all night, then skip breakfast and don’t eat until lunch at say 11:30am…you probably haven’t ate anything in 12+ hours. So, your body thinks your starving, that there is no food to eat. Then you eat a nice, greasy, calorie-loaded slice of pizza. Your body will then store most of it as fat because it thinks there is a food shortage.

      Aim for 225-275 calories at each meal/snack.
      Also try to eat 20-30 grams of protein at each meal. And of course, your going to want to keep even healthy carbs to a minimum (less than 60 grams a day).

      The healthiest carbs are:
      Oatmeal (no sugar)
      Sweet Potatoes
      Brown Rice

      OK carbs are:
      Whole-grain bread/buns/tortillas (whole-grain should be the first name on the ingredients list)

      Aside from the carbs listed above, your meals should consist of:
      Chicken breast
      Turkey breast
      Egg whites
      Low-fat cheese (cottage, string cheese)
      Lots of vegtables
      Lots of water

      You need to drink 1 gallon (128oz)minimum per day. Water is what carries the toxins and fat you burn off out of your body through your urine. It also helps keep you feeling full and does wonders for your skin. If your urine isn’t clear like water, drink more.

      Also, take a multi-vitamin (like Centrum).

      But remember, losing weight is 90% about what/how much you eat, not how much you exercise.

      Bodybuilders and fitness models basically eat this way. Not only is it low calorie, low carb, high in protein and natural…it controls your blood/sugar levels and how your body uses the food based on the glycemic index.

      To really shed the weight, do 40+ minutes of cardio 5 times a week.

      During the first 15-20ish minutes, you’re burning the glycogen (carbs/energy) in your body. Once the glycogen is gone you’ll start burning the fat more effectively, that’s why you want to do at least 40 minutes.

      And if you lift weights and do cardio, lift first. You want to lift weights when you have the most energy. This will allow good form and high intensity.

      You have nearly 3 months, that’s a long time. One month of the above and you would be at your goal of 140, why not push it a little further? Cut your bodyfat level to an extremely toned 10%? In 3 months you would have a very visible, scrumptious mid-section.

    What is the best diet plan?
    What is the best, but fairly easy diet plan. I’m planning on working full-time while attending school. So, I will have 3-4 days to work out extensively. However, if I am planning on loosing 40 pounds what is simple diet plan I can follow as I work out that will help? Please, no “Weight watchers” or “Jenny Craig” stuff. I would prefer that someone who is knowledgeable in this are just take a few minuets a write something out. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the professionals if losing some pounds of any description is what you want then I used a great website and coach who helped me. They were very friendly and gave me lots of great advice. I needed to lose 40 pounds and I did so fairly easily. The website is once you fill in your details then you can see the full range of products they have. The products really work and you feel great whilst losing weight, its all nutrition based.
      I lost all my weight in less than three months and they have helped me to keep it off. I would definitely recommend using them, the tips you get and encouragement are excellent (their advice and time is FREE). I am still with them so I stay healthy. If you just want to buy the products and not use the coaching then you can do that aswell, there is a link in there to email them so you can tell them you just want to buy and not speak to anyone. The owners will even advise you via email on what to purchase depending on what you want to lose, my sister did it this way (she was more self conscious than me) and lost 76 pounds in less than five months. These guys are just great, try them.
      Hope this helps, Stephanie

    Best diet plan for my body style and workout schedule?
    I have been fat my whole life and now I am losing it all. If someone could give me a diet that would work best with the following let me know.

    Running 3-5 times a day (around my neighbor hood about 2 miles)

    Other exercise:
    Weight lifting (I am strong already but I would like to lose weight. So some workout plans would be good too.)

    • ANSWER:
      Start out by checking out the ‘zone’ diet because it stops cravings in their tracks, causes “accuse dental” weight loss while preservinguscle, and prevents diabetes. Just use thhe standard chart to learn your own protien need, and then eat your protein before eating carbs. Turns out that eating protien first stops the excess carb drive, and returns the carb cravings to normal. Just remember, never eat carbs by themselves without protein being eaten too. I personally only need about 14-15grams of protien per 5-hour period. If ever I eat only high carb foods, I will crave them until I have consumed 14-15 grams of protein contained in them. Unfortunately, one has to eat a lot of cinnamon rolls to get ones required amount of protein out of them!–lots of carbs, too little protein. I learned from this diet that my wants could change just by eating protein first and therefore being protein-satisfied. I lost 40 pounds this way without hunger or struggle. As far as working out, check out Covert Bailey, nutritional biochemist, who proves that moderate exercise is proven more effective that overexertion.

    What is the best diet plan that will work?
    I am not all that over wieght but i meen it couldnt hurt to get more in shape right? well i have tried a numer of diet ideas and they just dont seem to be working help me!

    • ANSWER:
      Diets don’t work. You must change your lifestyle!

      Eat better, exercise daily, and don’t think of this as a diet! Think of this as something necessary to live a long and healthy life! Instead of grabbing chips. cookies, etc. at the grocery store, get fruits, veggies, (healthy) fruit shakes, 100-calorie packs, etc… Instead of watching TV or going to the movies, go for a bike ride and/or go hiking with your family up a mountain!

    Whats the best diet plan for a 13 year old?
    Hi, the thing is, over fall break, I wont be moving around much or anything, and I’m most likely to gain even more weight over the break. So I wanted to come up with a kind of diet plan. I’m only 13, but I weigh 170 lbs, and I’m kinda chubby. So, I was thinking, of a died that limits you only to a certain amount of calories per day? But I don’t know how many that should be.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      At 13, relying on your metabolism should be ok. To keep it short, here are a few tips you could try:

      1. Eat breakfast. if you dont you’ll eat too much later. Try oatmeal, bananas, or nuts because they’ll keep you not feeling hungry until lunch :]

      2. Eat a little snacks all throughout the day. This helps boost your metabolism because it keeps your body constantly running.

      3. Eat slowly. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to realize it’s full? If you gulp it all down, you’ll be eating way more than you really need to. Chew more and don’t “refill” you mouth until you’ve swallowed.

      Good luck and make it fun! :]

    what is the best diet plan to loose weight quick?
    i been trying to loose weight for the past couple of months but it seems that it hasnt had much result. my graduation is next month n want to know wat the best diet plan to do n loose weight fast.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best diet plan for an endomorph?
    And if u can leave a link to a site with a actual diet ,oh and if it is free even better

    • ANSWER:
      As long as you are exercising and eating healthy foods you can lose the weight.

      Don’t start a fad diet that restricts calories or cuts out carbs completely. Just eat a well balanced diet, 6 meals a day, drink a lot of water, and eat fruits and veggies with most every meal.

      I’m currently offering a free report that will help you out.
      Get it at

    What is the best diet plan to follow?
    Dr. Bernstein, weight watchers, nutrisystem, jenny craig, etc. I’m desperate to lose 30 pounds in about 4 months, What worked for you?

    PLEASE don’t say regular diet and exercise. I really don’t have the self control or the continued motivation to do this on my own, I need a support system.

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me, you are definitely not alone, as there are many people looking for a proven diet to follow. 30 lbs in 4 months is an attainable goal.

      I think the key is to learn eat the right foods. That’s where diet delivery plans come into the picture. They remove the hassle of cooking your own diet meals, counting calories, counting carbs, etc.

      I found a site that compares these diet delivery plans by using feedback from customers that have used the programs.

      good luck

    What is the best diet plan for Women?
    I know Exercising, but what else is best to use, Slim Fast, pills, what? I am 22 yrs old and good health & I want to lose around 40-50lbs within a 6-12 months.

    • ANSWER:

    What is everyone’s opinion of the best diet plan, online plan?
    Need to lose about 50 lbs and am interested in a really good online plan to assist me in accomplishing this.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are 5 reasons why I believe that Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the best diet plan:

      1. It’s easy to use – Fat Loss 4 Idiots includes an ebook and a menu generating software. All you have to do is follow the menu and you lose weight. Therefore, it’s so easy an idiot can do it.

      2. You don’t starve while on this diet – The diet menu includes 4 meals a day. This means that, unlike other diets, you won’t starve while on this diet.

      3. You can stick to it for a long time – Because the diet is so easy to use and you don’t starve while you’re on it, it’s easy to remain focused on this diet for a long time and to ensure that you maintain your weight loss.

      4. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is based on nutrition and requires no exercise (except for taking short walks) and therefore is perfect for busy people or for people who don’t want to spend hours at the gym.

      5. Although Fat Loss For Idiots doesn’t work for 100% of the people it has a great track record with tens of thousands of users from around the world. It also has a very high success rate.

      These are the 5 reasons why I believe that Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the best diet plan on the market today.

    what is the best diet plan for me to lose weight quickly?
    i am 15 years old and my prom is coming up, i want to loose about 6-10kg and more would be best. i don’t want to go to my prom looking really fat. at the moment i weigh 60kg but it goes up and down between 58-62kg consistently. what would be the fastest way to loose weight ?

    • ANSWER:

      Reading about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet makes you wonder if they might not be on to something. The way the diet works is different than other fad diets that involve cutting out certain types of food like low carbohydrates, low fat or low calorie. Instead it uses calorie shifting foods that you would normally eat, increases the number of times you eat, and changes when you eat certain things for fast fat loss.

      What is Calorie Shifting?

      The way calorie shifting works involves tricking the fat hormones that are sent out by the brain. Every time you eat something, your brain sends out fat storing and fat burning hormones, depending on what the item is.

      The idea is to send more fat burning than fat storing hormones, so that the body does not hold onto the fat for later use. If you keep confusing the metabolism, you will see fast fat loss, as much as 9 pounds in 11 days, that is the first weightloss principle of Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet.

      How Does The Metabolism Control Weightloss?

      This scientific weight control fact about the metabolism and how it works stems from our ancestry as cavemen, when there were famine periods between hunts. The body would store and hold onto fat for survival. The metabolism has not evolved from this self-defense tactic and doesn’t realize we can just run to the grocery store and get whatever we want.

      On restrictive diets, weightloss can plateau when the metabolism thinks it is experiencing a famine period, and it will only burn what is taken in. Even on some of the popular low carbohydrate diets, it is advised to eat pizza for two days when your weight plateaus to get the metabolism going.

      Why Do Some Weightloss Diets Leave You With No Energy?

      The only problem with many of these restrictive weightloss diets is the metabolism goes back to only burning what you take in and many people complain about being tired and worn down, when it is mainly the metabolism storing up the energy for later.

      By eating healthy, nutritious foods that are fat burning, the metabolism burns as much energy as you need. Many people on restrictive weightloss diets will regain the weight when they go back to eating normal foods.

      What Is The Best Diet For Weightloss?

      The best weight control diet allows you to eat the foods that you would normally eat, have in your refrigerator and cabinets. By timing when you eat certain foods, how many times a day you eat them, and balancing the types of food, your metabolism will burn what you take in and then some, because it knows you will be feeding it again shortly, instead of starving.

      Prepackaged fat loss products and frozen dinners are not something you can live on the rest of your live. You need to understand the basics of natural weight control, and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet uses the fundamental principles of controlling the metabolism with calorie shifting normal foods you eat every day.

      Check my source, it might help. It’s a diet that works. Good luck!

    Can anyone tell me the best diet plan to get on I want to start on Monday?
    im 19 5’10″ and i way around 180 which is good but i have more body fat than muscle and i want to get more lean and cut i also start going to the gym and running on monday but i know your diet is important… so please help…thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      You can eat whatever you want and still lose 9 pounds in just 11 days, check this one out! It really worked for me!I highly recommend it!

    What is the best diet plan for women to lose weight?
    I need to shed about 35-40 pounds, I am exercising four times a week, but I need a guideline on what to eat, whats good and whats bad.

    I play tennis and softball, swim, bike, walk, jog/run, jump rope, and I also do a bit of muscle training. So I need foods that will give me energy for a work out.

    Suggestions please.

    • ANSWER:
      you can eat chicken…chicken with whole wheat noodles…actually there is a television show call top chef..they did an episode where they had to figure out how a person can eat healthy for less than 10 bucks. they got some REAL healthy recipes online on top chef that you can include for your lunch or dinners. for mornings you should eat oatmeal or a fruit smoothie. avoid Fast food, coffee, and soda!

    What is the best diet plan when you can’t Exercise?
    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and doctor says that yes,that he understands about my pain in my joints especially in my ankles they swell really bad after a lot of walking.
    Any Ideas??????
    on a good diet?

    • ANSWER:
      1) Keep it simple first
      here’s 2 articles on eating healthy -

      AND steps for fat loss success

      2) Eat steam food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat

      3) drink plenty of water and green tea

      4) Avoid junk food, snacks and soda drinks

      here’s 5 Foods for Instant Healthier Diet

      5) have 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only) to keep the tummy

      If you’re not too sure on how to plan it, try this link

      6)form a support group – invite friends, relatives, parents, partners
      to participate in a healthy lifestyle, and keep you accountable. This
      is important.

      7) plan to lose weight slowly (1-2 lbs a week), and progressively
      overtime increase your

      Hope it helps!

    What is the best diet plan for a vegetarian that has IBS?
    I’ve been dianosged with Ibs and I’m unsure of what types of foods I should and shouldn’t eat, as well what are some tips or things I should know when preparing for meals
    tips and suggestions appericated
    thank you =)

    • ANSWER:
      Yikes….. A vegetarian with IBS is like being a lactose-intolerant cow…. avoid broccoli & cauiflower for sure.